Frequently Asked ESY Questions

General ESY Questions

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Miscellaneous Questions

Q: In late April, I know that paperwork for ES needs to be in earlier during that.  Do I need to move the annual up so that we can consider ESY or can I keep it at the same Time?

A: You do not need to change the IEP date.  You can register the student for ESY before the IEP meeting.  When you do, I will review the IEP and see that there is an upcoming IEP meetinga and mark down the IEP date to follow up.  If at the meeting the team decides that the student does not qualify for ESY, you can email me and I will remove the registration.

Q: I have a student who has not accessed remote learning well (if at all) and her parents have opted to keep her virtual.  She is missing almost every class, everyday.  Would she qualify for ESY?  Do we have to do compensatory services?

A: Due to the fact that the student is not regressing/taking a prolonged amount of time to recoup her skills after a planned break, this would not be ESY.  If it were determined that the remote services offered did not meet FAPE, then it could be Compensatory Services.

Q: Am I understanding correctly that I could qualify a student for ESY on a Fall IEP?

A: Absolutely, you could.  You can qualify them if you have the data or believe that the data will show that they need ESY.  If the data ends up not showing that they qualify for ESY, you could amend the IEP to say that No they do not qualify or amend the IEP to add the Predictive Factors if there is data.  There are other factors that indicate the need for ESY.  You also could choose to put TBD and then later amend the IEP to indicate whether it is a Yes or No for ESY.

Q: What are the dates for ESY for summer 2021?  We will need these is we are completing a split grid.

A: If the student needs the standard ESY time of 4 hours a day, 5 days a week for 4 weeks to maintain their skills, then the dates are June 7th-July 2nd, 2021.  The IEP team could, however decide that the student needs more or less time to maintain their skills.

General Service/Delivery Questions

Q: East decided to use a quarter system.  Students only receive services. 

A: I am not familiar with this.  Could you help me understand how this impacts the service delivery grid and how this would impact ESY?

Q: If a student misses 3 weeks of school due to absences and it takes them longer than 3 weeks to return to their previous baseline, would that be compensatory service? Since they missed school due to unexcused absences rather than a scheduled school break.

A: If the services were offered, but the student missed out on services due to unexcused absences, then I do not believe that this would be Compensatory Services.  It also would likely not be ESY as it was not a set break, but a chosen break in the year.

Q: If a student was offered FAPE during remote learning, but never showed up to any sessions despite many attempts to engage student/family, would they qualify for compensatory services?

A: If it is determined that the services offered met FAPE, then I do not think that they would qualify for Compensatory Services.

Q: Are there some guidelines in determining a student needs tor ESY?

A: Unfortunately at this time there are not any guidelines.  If some become available, I will share them widely.  For now, it is up to the team to determine how much time is needed to maintain skills.